Azimuthal Equidistant World Map (February, 2011)

Dynadraw (April, 2010)


If you use any of the code below, please drop me a line and let me know. Send email to 'roger' at this site. It takes a bit of time to wrap up code like this and the only compensation I would like is the satisfaction that comes from knowing you've helped others.

Pyglet Trackball Camera

I've modified the GLUT trackball.c example code to be useful for creating simple pyglet programs.

With this code you can rotate around and zoom in/out around your example objects. I'm sure there must be other examples of this, but I couldn't find any, so I polished this up a bit.

UPDATE: Download the python code and a test program showing example usage at the public repository here:

Midi Text Library [2008.05.24, tar.gz]

I've written a simple set of programs to help with writing music on the Macintosh. They are only useful for programmers and others used to UNIX command-line hackery. These programs take text as input and send midi events to GarageBand.

Within the tarball above, there are a pair of client/server programs: 'txt2sock' and 'sock2vmid' that I find very useful. Also included are some older .cpp files that are less useful, but someone might find interesting.

wii2stdout [2008.05.25, tar.gz]

A simple commandline utility demonstrating how to use the WiiRemote Framework to connect to the Wii controller and capture events. Inspired and enabled by the darwiin-remote project. I just wanted something simpler to use as a starting point for my own projects.

This code is written using the svn repository WiiRemote Framework 0.6.

Output is sent to stdout for all wii remote messages. Output to stderr for all other "informative" messages. This allows for easy use of unix pipes.

How to:

Build using xcode. Open a Terminal, type (without quotes)
  cd [where you put wii2stdout]
then follow the instructions. When the wii is connected, you will see lots of accelerator events.

Press the "home" button to exit wii2stdout cleanly.